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Institucija Lietuvos žemės ūkio universitetas
Mokslo kryptis 09 T - Mechanikos inžinerija
Atsakomybė Šemeta, Audrius - Magistro baigiamojo darbo autorius
Slavinskas, Stasys - Magistro baigiamojo darbo vadovas
Labeckas, Gvidonas - Magistro baigiamojo darbo recenzentas
Vilkevičius, Gediminas - Magistro baigiamojo darbo recenzentas
Lietuvos žemės ūkio universitetas - Mokslinį laipsnį teikianti institucija
Antraštė (-ės) Degalų įpurškimo aparatūros darbo rapsų aliejumi tyrimas
The Research of Fuel Injection System Performance with Rapeseed Oil
Santrauka [EN]

The main purpose of this research was to determinate the influence of various percentage rapeseed. oil and diesel fuel blends on performance prameters of diesel engine fuelling system, such as biofuels pressure of injection pump and injector, their pressure wave propergation velosity inside high pressure tubes, permeability of nozzles and changes of biofuel portions injected per cycles.

The amount of rapeseed oil added into diesel fuel almost does not affect the pressure wave propagation velocity inside a high pressure pipe. The higher percentage of rapeseed oil in the diesel fuel is added, the more noticeable is the decrease of biofuel amount injected per cycle. When operating on pure rapeseed oil, the maximum biofuel pressure at the injector unit is lower by 4 – 5 % copmapring with that of the pump. Determined pressure drop can be caused by higher fuel viscosity and increased hydraulic losses in the high pressure tube.

Using more than 50 % of rapeseed oil in the biofuel causs significant changes in the injection process.

Work size: 58 pages and 7 pages of additions, 47 figures, 3 tables, 24 literature sources used.

Raktažodžiai: rapeseed oil, diesel fuel, diesel engine, biofuel