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Institucija Vilniaus Gedimino technikos universitetas
Mokslo kryptis 04 S - Ekonomika
Atsakomybė Sargautienė, Violeta - Magistro baigiamojo darbo autorius
Šatkauskas, Gintautas - Magistro baigiamojo darbo vadovas
Rutkienė, Lina - Magistro baigiamojo darbo konsultantas
Raslanas, Saulius - Magistro baigiamojo darbo vertinimo komisijos narys
Kaklauskas, Artūras - Magistro baigiamojo darbo vertinimo komisijos pirmininkas
Ambrasas, Gintautas - Magistro baigiamojo darbo recenzentas
Vilniaus Gedimino technikos universitetas - Mokslinį laipsnį teikianti institucija
Antraštė (-ės) Inovatyvaus verslo vertinimas
Assessment of innovative businesses
Santrauka [EN]

Assessment of innovative businesses is one of the most important tasks of modern businesses management. The goal of present article is the research of possible methods for

measurement and evaluation of innovative business. On the way to this goal there were analyzed the measurement indicators of innovation asset using the indicator generation tool IMPROVE. Then there was made consecutive derivation of the N-generating-discounting model DFV as the mathematical base of the businesses assessment method. It was shown, that the well-known DCF method could be derived from DFV as the marginal case and is inadequate in innovative businesses assessment. Finally it was proposed dynamic layout of the physical and intellectual asset flows in the form of basic parameterized DFV models as the

possible method of innovation businesses assessment.

Raktažodžiai: Innovation, innovative business, intellectual assets, business evaluation, discount