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Malinauskas, Romas - Magistro baigiamojo darbo recenzentas
Lietuvos kūno kultūros akademija - Mokslinį laipsnį teikianti institucija
Antraštė (-ės) Rengimosi sporto pedagogo karjerai Baltijos šalyse lyginamoji analizė
A comparable analysis of Baltic states among preservice physical education teachers preparation for their future career
Santrauka [EN]

After three Baltic countries escaped from Soviet Union and enter EU they reformed education system proximate for western countries. After walls had braked all attention set for schoolchildren’s and students career planning, because of growing needs of professional labor. All young people must make decisions for further career. Meanwhile rationale choices for profession and need’s for job market are mane ground for successful career.

Research goal: Comparative analysis in Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland) of students which planning physical educator career.

Problem – Is it different preparation in high schools of physical educator’s for future career in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland?


1. It is no deferent in preparation of sport educator’s in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

2. It there any differences between preparation for sport educator’s career in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia from Finland’s preservice physical education students development for their future career.

The tasks of research:

1. Discuss career perception and education differences in Baltic countries.

2. Analyze internal personal characteristics and environmental factors, which have influence for preparation of physical educator’s career.

3. Test preservice physical education students in Baltic countries, for preparation their career, education presumptions.

4. Test future physical educators in Baltic countries for vocational value-related attitudes.


1. Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia goes behind Finland (Estonia have minor loose, because they use Scandinavian method of education), by making circumstances of communication, collaboration, planning and organizing abilities cultivation. But records shows us, that assumption of information search and consumption for abilities cultivation practically the same in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland. Improvements in technology form all opportunity for students to find information not only in computers, but also shows their ability’s finding information in library. Latvian and Lithuanian students can express their selves freely in some creative activities in university neither Finn or Estonian students. We can make conclusion that high schools in Lithuania and Latvia over creative activities stimulate many-sided personality training. Main differences in career education and conception show’s in valuating high school training program of preservice physical education students. This educational program positively valuated major part of students from Estonia and Finland. Lithuanian students this process valuating positively, mean time Latvian students in their high school preparation for this career valuating satisfying and good. Guidelines of educational system in analyzed countries remain the same, but there is a difference in students view for preparation of physical educators career and social values. In Finland where preparations for career have deep traditions, people to career looking like opportunity for self-realization, neither way for earn.

2. For preparation career of physical educator big influences have personal characteristics, interests, motives and values. Preparation for career might be stimulated by educational traditions, high schools educational potential (study programs, educators, available information) and material facilities for preparation of physical educators.

3. All students form Baltic countries positively valuating process of preparation for career in their high schools. Many students think, that in their high schools set good educational premise for preparation of physical educator career, but unanimous valuating bad material facilities.

4. Have been found such main differences between students values:

• Estonia’s and Finland’s student’s opinion about scholastic institution and propagate values remain the same. In Lithuania and Latvia people more valuating things, which provided comfort, meanwhile, students from Estonia and Finland valuating professional self-expression and professional relevance (their statistically more important for Estonian and Finn students neither Lithuanian and Latvian).

• Lithuania’s and Latvia’s future physical education teachers sociability reflecting value “Being well-liked” more important (p>0,05), neither the same specialty studding students from another countries.

Both hypotheses prove out partly.

Raktažodžiai: career, educator, value, vocation, career development