eLABa objektas:   "Savivaldybių e. paslaugos gyventojams", 2006,D:20090908:192040-42203
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Institucija Vilniaus universitetas
Mokslo kryptis 05S - Sociologija
Atsakomybė Žekytė, Neringa - Magistro baigiamojo darbo autorius
Skyrius, Rimvydas - Magistro baigiamojo darbo vadovas
Vilniaus universitetas - Mokslinį laipsnį teikianti institucija
Antraštė (-ės) Savivaldybių e. paslaugos gyventojams
E-services for citizens provided by local government
Santrauka [LT]

This paper is aimed to scrutinize e-services provided by local government and based on EU and Lithuanian standards as well as to define their development perspectives. Trying to evaluate the possibilities of e-services, the analysis of EU and national legal acts, therewith a statistical data, proving that citizens are ready to use e-services, is presented. Furthermore, evaluating present slub of e-services provided by local government a survey on municipalities‘ websites and e-services‘ quantity and maturity level is delivered. Taking into account Lithuanian membership in the European Union a comparative information on EU and Lithuanian e-services provided by municipalities is presented in this paper. To estimate a possible development perspectives of e-services, one of the most popular services - the request and delivery of certificates – is delineated and analysed. According to the propositions made, the possibilities of the citizens as well as state institutions, therein municipalities, to use e-services are constantly developing. However, the potential of municipal governments is not sufficiently availed. Therefore, main reason for this particular inefficient process could be a scant attention of municipalities as well as lack of ununanimous concept on e-services provided by municipalities for citizens on the national level.

Raktažodžiai: e. paslaugos, savivaldybių e. paslaugos, e. paslaugos gyventojams