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Institucija Vilniaus pedagoginis universitetas
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Atsakomybė Gureckienė, Lina - Magistro baigiamojo darbo autorius
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Antraštė (-ės) Sutrikusios regos vaikų profesinių ketinimų adekvatumas
Intention of adequacy of the visually impaired pupils' choice of vocacion
Santrauka [EN]

Nowadays visually impaired students attend both mainstream schools and the Lithuanian Education and Training Centre for the Blind and Visually Impaired. These students meet certain learning difficulties caused by impaired vision or other problems related to the impairment. This study aimed to investigate and answer a question: „Do the pupils’ choice a vacation that correspond with their abilities and possibilities.

The written questionnaire has been used as a method of the study.

The questions had to describe to:

ь social background of the visually impaired pupils;

ь their knowledge about themselves and their family members;

ь their perception of their disability and self-esteem;

ь opinions of the pupils about quality of vocational couselling;

ь learning motivation of the visually impaired pupils;

ь intention of adequacy of the visually impaired pupils‘ choice of vocation

169 pupils were involved into the investigation (there were totally blind and those having mild impairment of vision).


§ The visually impaired pupils particularly need parents‘ encouragement and support. If a family is not interested in educational process of a pupil the pupil doesn’t‘ have any learning motivation and intentions to choice a certain vocation.

§ The pupil’s choice vocations that do not correspond with their abilities since they do not comprehend their disability adequately.

§ Vocational counselling in the Lithuanian education and training centre for the blind and visually impaired might be much more interesting (from a view point of the pupils‘).

§ More than a half of the pupils have a positive learning motivation (52 % ).

§ But anyway 19 % of pupils do not have any learning motivation.

§ Visually impaired pupils‘ understanding about vocation corresponds with their abilities ( 60 %), not correspond and there is no intentions at all (approximately 40 %). That means vocational counselling of visually impaired pupils does not really meets their real needs and should be improved.

Hypothesis that visually impaired pupils at mainstream educational settings would have choices in accordance with their abilities, wasn‘t proved by the study. At the moment mainstream schools are not ready enough to integrate visually impaired pupils.

Raktažodžiai: vocation, silpnaregis, blind, profesija, aklas, visually