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Antraštė (-ės) Vaikų globos namų ir specialiosios internatinės mokyklos auklėtinių agresijos ypatumai
Some peculiarities of aggression of the pupils of sheltered accomodation and special boarding-school
Santrauka [EN]

One of the most topical and trouble giving problems nowadays is the increasing number of children who get into different institutions of sheltered accommodation. In order to better realize what influence the loss of family and life in sheltered accommodation or special boarding school makes on the rise of aggression and development, and what peculiarities of the aggression are, it is important to analyze the expression of the aggressive behaviour in different care institutions and compare it.

The results of the research testify that the behaviour of the children of sheltered accommodation is conditioned by different reasons, and often inappropriate education and experience in their family, received social-pedagogical neglect and hereditary or acquired kink of mind.

The analysis of the research permit to single out the most frequent expression of aggression of the pupils of sheltered accommodation. That is a constant or very frequent demand of attention to themselves, which makes an influence on many other manifestations of inappropriate behaviour: a tendency to argue, a sharp change of mood and emotion, frequent frenzy, vociferation, disobedience at school and in the group, contumacy, etc.

The expression of aggression of the pupils is more distinct in sheltered accommodation type, at younger age (7 - 9 y. o.), later it is more apparent at special boarding schools.

Verbal aggression (ragging, sawder, jealousy) is more typical to the pupils of sheltered accomodation, while the pupils of special boarding schools are more inclined to committing acts of violence, doing harm and humiliating others.

There is an observed tendency of gradual change of aggressive behaviour of the pupils at sheltered accommodation. Together with the nurturing of the pupils there is less and less of jealousy, disposition to aggressiveness, the temper and feelings become more consistent; contrariwise, the elder the children the more is pronounced their disposition to argue.

As the investigation shows, the children who possess some intellect trouble are more likely to demonstrate their aggressiveness (fight, violence, humiliation).

The observation does not show any subjection of the type of custodial institution to the aggressiveness of the pupils.

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